A response to Alex’s reactionary post

I have just read Alex’s reactionary post to Loren Watson’s review of “http://www.mmischools.com/“. Questions have been raised on the value of wiki sources, suggesting they are replacing textbooks as a source of information and the reliablity of these sources is under discussion.
Reading this Alex’s post has reminded me of an article I have previously blogged about; Wikipedia: Ban It or Boost It?.

This post highlights the benefits of using a Wiki site, some of which included, the fact that it is very current and up-to-date because people can edit and change the information when relevent, that fact that Wikipedia offers information on topics that other encyclopedia’s would not. Considering just these reasons alone, I agree with Alex that internet sources are valued sources. However, I think that when completing certain assignments topics it is necessary to refer to textbooks and scholarly resources, to add credibility to your work and show proof of thorough and well-rounded research.


Attribution: Image: ‘My Grace Park Photo On Wikipedia’

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